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Hello from WeFiFo! We are the head office team here at WeFiFo. Look out for great events, hosted across the UK in conjunction with some of the most talented home cooks, supper club hosts and professional chefs. See you at the table!

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Latest Reviews

Sophie Brown | 5 months

Test event - please ignore

Great guests.

Aaron Critchard | 3 months

Wagamama Horsham Feast Street

My friends and I loved feast street! The food was great, the sun was shining and it's not something you get to do every day. We will be back next year!

Jacqueline Reader | 3 months

Giggling Squid Horsham Feast Street

It was the first time this type of event had been held so it was a bit chaotic. When I booked the tickets I tried to find the menu but couldn't, however the dishes offered were acceptable. It would have been better if more drinks were available without having to walk back to the Big Nibble to purchase drinks, thus many people made do with water. I do know the reasons for this but perhaps it could be rectified another time.

Kevin Greeley | 3 months

Brewhouse & Kitchen Feast Street

Once checked in, we weren't entirely sure what was going on. After waiting quite some time, food started arriving quite quickly and after a while it stopped without explanation. We were still hungry and more food was then provided thankfully. We had a nice afternoon.

Simondo1983 | 3 months

Giggling Squid Horsham Feast Street

It was a little bit under sold from a marketing point of view. Needed some big signs up. Food was good and atmosphere nice. Just felt a little exposed. Next time seat people at different restaurants on different tables. Enjoyed it though but a few changes for next year and it would be a great experience.

Grace Underwood | 4 months

WeFiFo @ intu Chapelfield with The Last

In a word: excellent. The host managed to make us feel welcome and informed of the plan for the night without overwhelming us and being intrusive. The food was fabulous and wee were constantly kept topped up with both food and booze. Winner