Food (4.8/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (4.8/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (4.9/5)
Contact (5/5)
Value (4.8/5)




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I'm in my 30s
I am happiest
When sharing food
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I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing

Hello from WeFiFo! We are the head office team here at WeFiFo. Look out for great events, hosted across the UK in conjunction with some of the most talented home cooks, supper club hosts and professional chefs. See you at the table!

Latest Reviews

Sophie Brown | 1 year

Test event - please ignore

Great guests.

Rupert Pritchett | 1 month

Culture Club with Fliss Chester

Both the speaker and the chef were fantastic.

Ruth at Old Barn Books | 1 month

Culture Club with Fliss Chester

As always : fun company, great food - and food for thought. Thanks so much for a wonderful evening!

Chelsea WeFiFo | 1 month

Culture Club with Fliss Chester

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Belly-giggling laughter, delicious food and great conversation... what more could you ask for? Looking forward to the next one!

Penny Glaister | 1 month

Culture Club with Fliss Chester

Such a good evening As we arrived we were served the most delicious hors doevre A really good insight from the author about her novel writing Very enjoyable The dinner that followed was delicious And as always with wefifo we had the opportunity to meet new interesting people Thank you

Lisa Brace | 1 month

Culture Club with Fliss Chester

Brilliant night. Lovely people. Fascinating talk! Delicious food. What more could you need? More please!