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Hello from WeFiFo! We are the head office team here at WeFiFo. Look out for great events, hosted across the UK in conjunction with some of the most talented home cooks, supper club hosts and professional chefs. See you at the table!

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Latest Reviews

Sophie Brown | 1 year

Test event - please ignore

Great guests.

Rebecca Brown | 1 week

Eleanor Anstruther Literary Supper Club

This was my first WeFiFo event and I wasn't really sure what to expect; nor have I been to a Literary Supper either! The location was lovely. The author a revelation and the other guests interesting to meet. Unfortunately it was too cold that evening to be outside - we would have been better off in the barn. I enjoyed my food and found my dietary requirements had been well catered for - however for the future I would use a different dairy substitute for the dessert topping - it really didn't work with the posset underneath. I'd recommend the chef looks into using KoKo coconut yoghurt another time (Tescos and other large supermarkets) and/or sheeps yoghurt (Waitrose) which is the closest I've ever found to cream.

Chelsea Marsh | 2 weeks

Cook & Book Culture Club: Wray Delaney

A wonderful evening with fantastic food and great conversation.

Monique Paul | 2 weeks

Eleanor Anstruther Literary Supper Club

Amazing- had the best evening!!!

Penny Glaister | 2 weeks

Eleanor Anstruther Literary Supper Club

It was the perfect evening The best culture evening A fascinating discussion about an exceptional book followed by a delicious dinner

H John Leslie | 2 weeks

Eleanor Anstruther Literary Supper Club

The talk and the q + a session were extremely interesting and whetted our appetite to read the book. The food was really very good - from the canapes onward it was delicious and beautifully prepared and presented.