How do I get my hands on some and what I can I use them for?

Cookies are our online currency, unique to WeFiFo. Think of them as our own, highly desirable, bartering tool. We award you cookies for all sorts of things and you can spend them on all sorts of things. It's as simple as that. You can start collecting them right away and once you’ve earned yourself 100 cookies, you can trade them for a £10 voucher to use as part or full payment for an event.

We've made it as easy as possible to get a full jar right away… Here’s how...


Health & safety

Before you host your first event, we urge you to read this useful advice prepared for us by the experts.

Read it carefully and once you’re certain you can prepare a meal in a clean and safe environment then you are well on your way to responsible hosting. The safety of your guests is of huge importance to you and to your support team here at WeFiFo so we strongly recommend that you go one step further and qualify for your CIEH Level 2 Food Safety Certificate.



WeFiFo has insurance in place with Royal & Sun Alliance to cover both hosts and guests at any event booked via This offers protection to guests who suffer injury/damage at an event as a result of your negligence and to hosts who suffer damage to their property at an event.


Ratings, reviews & guest etiquette

Going to a WeFiFo event should be as easy and relaxed as going to a friend’s house for a bite to eat. Money won’t change hands (we’ve taken care of that) and you will have been hand-picked and approved by your host so you really should consider yourself an invited guest.


Responsible hosting

Use the ‘Small Talk’ space to chat with your guest about all those important details that will improve their experience. You can message privately, publicly or just to the people attending your event. Give your guests as much information as you can to make sure they find your event on the day...


Levelling Up

Home cooks of any ability can immediately begin their career with WeFiFo but in order to maximise the experience (and the earning opportunity), it is important to progress through each one of the stages. Your progression is driven by you, at a pace decided by you...


Tax & accounting

Advice for budding cooks on running their own business

Everyone who takes up a self-employed earnings opportunity with WeFiFo is starting their own business. For this reason you/they should keep and maintain proper records of their business because, at some stage, you/they may become liable for income tax and this will be your personal responsibility.

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