FeedUp X WeFiFo

FeedUp has become part of the WeFiFo family

FeedUp is place that brings people together to share unique dining experiences because food tastes better, together.

Food with Purpose

Whether it be pop-up events by new chefs testing exciting menus you won’t find anywhere else, Supper Clubs hosted by experts with a unique food philosophy, or home cooks sharing their inspirational family recipes and culture, FeedUp has been serving London guests with unique shared dining experiences for over a year and will continue to do so with WeFiFo.

Whether you want to taste a style of food you’ve never tried before, talk flavour inspiration direct with the chef who cooked your meal or just make new friends, FeedUp and WeFiFo are delighted to be coming together and offering more seats at our table.

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WeFiFo and FeedUp, a perfect foodie fit

WeFiFo CEO Seni Glaister says: “Acquiring FeedUp is a huge milestone in our WeFiFo journey. We’re very proud of the community we’ve built, and the career opportunities WeFiFo offers our hosts. When I met Austin it was clear we shared a vision and that working together would allow WeFiFo to achieve our ambition of becoming the ‘go to’ destination for authentic food experiences.”

Feedup Founder Austin Tasker says: “The FeedUp concept was all about connecting amazing people over fabulous food in London. I’m delighted to be joining WeFiFo, widening the mission and creating a global social eating revolution”

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Brilliant experience, the food was amazing and I can’t wait for the next event!

Maxine M


Startup Valley

Our hosts create amazing dinning experiences in their home or another unique space allowing the FeedUp community access to the events through our website. Guests request a seat at the table with secure online booking, which is then accepted or declined by the host. After the event is finished both parties can leave feedback building trust and allowing our host chefs to rise FeedUp host leaderboard to be the top

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Belle About Town

After the indulgence and exhaustion of the festive break, it’s not unusual to feel burned out and below par. Like most people the run-up to Christmas wore me out and left me severel lacking in the zen department! So as you can imagine I was delighted when I received an invitation to rebalance my Yang with my Yin at a meditation and conscious eating eve

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