Guest FAQs

How do I know that the host is a good cook?

This is not a platform exclusively for professional chefs but for anyone with a love of cooking. This is not to say that every WeFiFo meal shouldn't be delicious, but we have a huge variety of standards and you should search by level depending on what you fancy. Whether it's a picnic in the park or a 7-course taster menu we have an event for everyone. The best way to check you're going to get what you want is by reading previous diners reviews and seeing what they thought. Remember, many of our hosts will be novice home cooks and they'll be hosting events for the first time. Go and lend your support and you'll be amazed by the talent out there!


Host FAQs

How do I move up the WeFiFoodchain?

When you register with us, you automatically become a WeFiFo Novice. This is because you have not yet established a track record with us and we need to know a bit more about your cooking ability and style before you can be promoted.