Jon Stefani
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Contact (5/5)
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Horsham, West Sussex


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About Me

Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry

I'd rather not eat: Marzipan
I'd rather eat: Non processed
A lifelong bookseller and food enthusiast. Always have seconds. Based in Sussex.

Latest Reviews

The Salt Box | 1 month

Pop-Up Supper at Firebird Brewery

Always a joy to have Jon at our events!

Pauliina Pirkola | 2 months

Test- Finnish Summer Supper

Very nice chap! Likes mushrooms a lot.

El Rincon de Encarni | 5 months


Absolutely pleasure to host John last night at El Rincon de Encarni. Very nice, kind and polite person. Hope to meet you soon again.

Gluts and Gluttony | 10 months

WeFiFo @ Waitrose with Gluts & Gluttony


Gluts and Gluttony | 11 months

A Spring Feast Supper Club


christian armstrong | 7 months

WeFiFo Christmas Party

Thank you for inviting us, everything was incredible! ?????? What a lovely group of people to spend the afternoon with.

Catherine Passmore | 11 months

May Day Morris Dancing Breakfast

What a lovely way to greet May Day. John was a wonderful and inclusive host. The Morris dancers were colourful and it was like watching a piece of history. The view was spectacular! The sausages were delicious and there was even a choice of bread rolls! Thank you John and Wefifo for another splendid function. Cath Passmore

Emma | 1 year

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Such a lovely evening. Both host and company were really good fun - I was made to feel welcome and relaxed right away. The food was delicious and Jon happily catered for our vegetarian request. My first wefifo event and I will definitely be coming to another one.

Josh & Em | 1 year

Curry feast with The Curry Guy!

IT was amazing and the curry was top notch

Sarah Meurer | 1 year

Spaghetti and Meatballs