Classic Bistro @ Kitchenorium

7:30pm Wed 12th Oct 2016

Leamington Spa

FREE  per person

Cat Dutton
I am happiest eating moroccan food in the garden while chilling out. more about this host

Small talk

Sophie Brown | 1 year

Hi Catherine, I'm really looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday. Just a note to say I don't eat fish or seafood - so would it be possible to have a veggie starter? Thanks so much, Sophie

Cat Dutton | 1 year

Hi Sophie, I'm looking forward to it as well. Yes, I can prepare a veggie starter for you no problem :-)

Sophie Brown | 1 year

That is very kind, thank you. See you Wednesday!

healthyjon | 1 year

Hi Catherine, i'm Jon. I am attending with my sister (my mum and dad might also later join us and book on) we are very much looking forward to your dinner. I just wanted to let you know of a few dietary issues. My sister is vegetarian and I am refined sugar free. I hope that doesn't cause any issues. I cant wait to try your food! Kind regards Jon

Cat Dutton | 1 year

Hi Jon, thank you for letting me know your requirements. Vegetarian is no problem for your sister. Could you explain a little more about the no refined sugar – I'm guessing the lemon meringue pie is out. Are you okay with fresh fruit? How about dried fruit, honey, maple syrup or agave nectar? Just so I know what I can work with, thanks :-)

healthyjon | 1 year

Hi Catherine, yep the pie is a no goer but fresh and dried fruit is fine, as is maple syrup, honey and agave. Honestly I will be perfectly happy with a little fruit bowl or something. Thanks for being so accommodating!

Cat Dutton | 1 year

No problem at all, thanks for clarifying. I'll see what I can rustle up :-)

Maria | 1 year

Hi Catherine, there is a little camera icon that allows you to change the pictures and "make" it fit your event. Hope this helps fill the seats at your table.

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