Fundamentally Malaysian Banquet

7:00pm Fri 15th Sep 2017

Oldham, United Kingdom

£20  per person

Chantal Basson
I am happiest eating british food in the garden while reading a book. more about this host

Small talk

Carol Heald | 6 years

Hi - the menu is different on wefifo than the one on Meetup? Which is correct? Thanks Carol

Chantal Basson | 6 years

Hi Carol, thanks so much for booking a place, we're really looking forward to meeting you. I've recently made some changes to the menu on the WeFiFo website and the one on here is more up to date. Is that all okay with you? Many thanks Chantal

Carol Heald | 6 years

Hi Looking forward to meeting you too! I prefer the menu on the wefifo website - love a samosa and a crème brûlée (plus everything else) so all is well. Thanks Carol

Chantal Basson | 6 years

Brilliant, thanks Carol! See you on Friday!

Tanya Sanderson | 6 years

This looks incredible! Let me know if you need anything.

Chantal Basson | 6 years

Hi Tanya, thanks so much for the feedback already! We're hoping that it's going to be a fantastic evening!

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