Carol Heald
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Bury, Lancashire

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About Me

I'm in my 50s
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw fish
I'd rather eat: Non processed, ethically sourced food

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 2 years

Takeaway Indian Street Food

Thanks for coming along and picking up the food and apologies for the delay (oven door nightmares still wake me up in the night!)

Maria | 2 years

Warming Persian Saffron Chicken

Thanks for you order (hope you enjoyed it as much as I did)

Maria | 3 years

Ethiopian takeaway with Lentils

Well, that was a bit different - hope it wasn't too hot for you. Thanks for coming along, cooking is keeping me sane!

Maria | 3 years

Pad Thai Salad Takeaway

Thank you for your continued support and remember you can't live a full life on an empty stomach x

Maria | 3 years

Takeaway Goan Curry

Thanks for coming along to pick up a curry takeaway, thankfully we all managed to miss the rain!

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