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Level 2 Hygiene Certificate

About Me

I'm in my 40s
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw meat
I'd rather eat: Non processed, ethically sourced food
My cooking style is North African and Middle Eastern; so really tasty and comforting food, I love to present my dishes in an artistic way. Much of my cooking is in keeping with my Sudanese family background, but I run a weekly cooking and craft group for refugee women of many nationalities, so I’m always learning new things about world food from some excellent home cooks. I cater for private small events as well as hosting dinners. Check out my culinary creations on and follow me on Facebook at

Not attending any upcoming events

Latest Reviews

Maria | 10 months

Sunday Dinner for new WeFiFo Guests

Really good company, a pleasure to cook for.

Amani’s Kitchen | 1 year

Didsbury Brunch Party

Top notch

Sarah Saunders | 1 week

Tastes of Sudan Dinner

Amani is a very talented cook and a wonderful hostess. I couldn't fault anything about the evening, we went away well fed, educated, entertained and relaxed! A wonderful experience

Jenny | 1 week

Tastes of Sudan Dinner

Amani was extremely welcoming and keen to share all the delights of Sudanese food and drink, she even organised a quiz for the guests to do to learn a little more about Sudanese history and culture.

David | 1 week

Tastes of Sudan Dinner

Amani and husband Andy were great hosts making you feel welcome and relaxed (this was my first such event so warm welcome was appreciated and helped set the tone for the evening). The food was very good and Amani was able to explain details of the dish and culture of Sudan. One of the traditions of Sudan is to ensure guests are welcomed and offered plenty of food which Amani certainly delivered on. I would definitely attend another event.

Carol Heald | 8 months

Amani’s Kitchen Favourites

A really enjoyable evening with a warm welcome from our hosts. The food was really good and copious. The menu was well balanced and freshly made. Loved it.

Martin J | 8 months

Amani’s Kitchen Favourites

It was the first time I have visited Amani's Kitchen but I suspect it will not be the last. The food was extremely tasty and it's always great to experience new cuisines. So many elements of the meal we're new dishes and in particular the lambs liver was so tender. Lovely vibe and space to eat in.