Alan Ingram
Manners (4.9/5)
Company (4.9/5)
Contact (4.8/5)


Hemel Hempstead, Lancashire


3 recommendations


About Me

I'm in my 60s
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing

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Not hosted any events

Latest Reviews

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

Kindred Suppers Launch Party

We loved having Alan as part of our celebration dinner! Great company and always a pleasure to have as part of the fun.

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

March | Cook the Book!

We were very pleased to have Alan join us for March Cook the Book! Wonderful company and would happily have again.

Amani’s Kitchen | 6 years

Middle Eastern Mezze - Vegetarian

Great company, conversation and manners, a pleasure to have here!

Chantal Basson | 6 years

Fundamentally Malaysian Banquet

Very warm and lovely company

RonB's Kitchen | 6 years

"Kamayan" Feast

Nice fellow. He got on with other guests, which was lovely.

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