Lorna Read
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Darwen, Lancashire


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I'd rather not eat: Blue cheese, offal, shellfish, oysters, anchovies, raw meat, raw fish, fatty food

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 year

Ramen/Pho Noodle Nosh

A pleasure to share soup with!

Maria | 1 year

Gin tasting with Ginception

Thank you so much for coming along and letting us practice on your pallet, hopefully we will see you again when the cocktails are perfected.

Maria | 1 year

Bring me your favourite book

Thank you so much for the books - I hope you enjoy reading the books that you took home.

Maria | 1 year

National BBQ Week with Ginception

Thank you so much for coming along to this event and for your patience and understanding with regards to the weather!! It was our first pop up at the venue so wasn't sure how it would work, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Sorry I didn't have time to chat more and hope to see you again soon, Maria

Amani’s Kitchen | 1 year

Tastes of Sudan Dinner

Thanks for coming Lorna, we enjoyed your company, it was a pleasure to have you at our table!