Seni Glaister
Food (5/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (5/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (4.9/5)
Contact (4.9/5)
Value (5/5)


Horsham, West Sussex


7 recommendations


Food Hygiene
Level 2 Hygeine Certificate
Hosted First Event

About Me

I'm in my 50s
I am happiest
Eating indian food in the garden while reading a book.
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry

Not hosting any upcoming events

Latest Reviews

Niraj's Kitchen | 2 months

5 Course Indian Feast

Lovely guest, enjoyed her company and would love to have Seni over again.

Sarah Meurer | 2 months

The 'I hope you're hungry' Foodies Feast

Utterly charming

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 4 months

WeFiFoHoHo Christmas Cheers

Fantastic company and always so interesting to spend time with. Thanks for coming Seni!

David | 5 months

Spanish with Tapas

A pleasure having Seni in my workshop, she gave me a great input about the methodology of learning through food.

Tim Maddams | 10 months

Chef shed seasonal dining


Ruthanne | 5 months

Home Produced Farm Brunch

Wonderful conversationalists and excellent cooks.

Christina | 11 months

Home Produced Farm Brunch

Friendly made me feel welcome

Timothy Brockbank Esq | 1 year

83rd Birthday Party for David Glaister

Thank you Seni for a truly wondrous evening.

Jon Stefani | 1 year

83rd Birthday Party for David Glaister

A wonderful evening of fine food excellent company and memorable pudding.

H John Leslie | 1 year

Informal launch of WeFiFo!

Lively, attentive and very generous.