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I'm in my 40s
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I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food, fair trade
My name is Valdeni da Silva, and I'm a seasoned BBQ Chef hailing from Brazil. After mastering the art of Brazilian barbecuing, I've brought my expertise to the United Kingdom to turn every event into a BBQ experience to remember. My journey with "Bira Brazilian Grill" began with an invitation to cook for a 40th birthday party. Guests were so enamoured with the authentic Brazilian way of serving meat that word spread rapidly. The overwhelming popularity and consistent requests for my BBQ services led to the establishment of "Bira Brazilian Grill". Now, I take pride in offering top-notch services for parties, corporate events, and weddings, presenting an array of salads, hot dishes, and passionately char-grilled meats.

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Latest Reviews

Seni Glaister | 5 years

Brazilian BBQ on the beach (C & S)

Great food, lovely atmosphere! It was brilliant to join a big family barbecue without having to take all our own kit to the beach. The kids loved it too - we would definitely join your party again!

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