Timothy Brockbank Esq
Home Cook
Food (4.8/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (4.9/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (4.7/5)
Contact (5/5)
Value (4.9/5)


East Dulwich, Greater London


1 recommendation


Food Hygiene
Level 2 Hygiene Certificate
Hosted First Event

About Me

A bit about me
I run short cooking classes for amateur cooks who want to hone their skills in specific areas.
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Anchovies, offal, blue cheese
I'd rather eat: Fair trade, ethically sourced food
I love food. Guilty.

Not hosting any upcoming events

Not attending any upcoming events

Latest Reviews

hiteshree ruparell | 6 years

!0 slices of heaven


Maria | 6 years

WeFiFo Quarterly Meeting

It was an absolute pleasure and treat to be able to cook for Tim, great company, great guest and an honour to cook for.

Tim Maddams | 7 years

Fun foraged family Spring Lunch with Tim Maddams

Top fellow, great photographer, poor beard but you can't have everything.

Daniel Green | 7 years

Indian Street Food Supper

A delightful young man and very interested in all the dishes that were on the menu.

Ronnie Murray | 7 years

Game Supper

Friendly and fun

Daniel Green | 7 years

Not Christmas No1

Tim's beef was delightful as was the company.

Rose Linden | 7 years

Not Christmas No1

Tim is an excellent host. We had delicious food and even better company.

Poppy Glaister | 7 years

Not Christmas No1

Best roast I've had this side of Christmas. Great company too!

Thomas Tom | 7 years

Not Christmas No1

Charming and warm, delivered a very enjoyable evening indeed.

Tony's Trekking | 7 years

Spot of Lunch

Seriously lovely. Lots of great food and conversation. I'd definitely pop over for lunch again.

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