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Katrina Glaister | 7 years

'Meals with More' Discover Japanese Dishes for Long Life

Diana was welcoming, charming, such a patient teacher and a marvellous cook! She had prepared a menu, Japanese etiquette guidance and showed us all how to lay a Japanese table and guided as how to make everything look nice (inedible leaves for decoration instead of the edible ones we tend to use here). I had never made sushi before but Diana made it all very understandable and everything had been prepared so all we needed to do was assemble our rolls. Learning/watching my fellow guests make an egg roll was hilarious and the end results (partly) edible! Diana knows so much about Japanese food and each course was different, healthy, tasty and unexpected! I feel very much more confident about making sushi and am looking forward to exploring more culinary delights from Japan. Thank you Diana for a very entertaining evening

Timothy Brockbank Esq | 7 years

'Meals with More' Discover Japanese Dishes for Long Life

I had such fun! I learned loads about Japanese food and eating culture and we all ate really well. I met some lovely people and Diana was a fantastic host and tutor. I am looking forwards to her next one!

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