Meet & Eat for local WeFiFo hosts.

7:30pm Thu 14th Jul 2016


£20  per person

I am happiest eating mediterranean food in the garden while travelling. more about this host

Small talk

Helen | 1 year

Hi Maria Have I booked onto your evening as I thought I had but I cannot see confirmation thanks

Maria | 1 year

Hi Helen, there must be a clich with the booking system. Your booking was accepted by me on 5th July at 08.55. Can you let the guys at WeFiFo know just to give them the heads up. Really looking forward to meeting you and swapping ideas.

Helen | 1 year

Great thanks Maria - will do

Maria | 1 year

Hi Helen, really sorry you didn't make it last night, hope everything is OK Maria

Helen | 1 year

HI Maria - I sent you a message last night that I was called on to look after nephews as an emergency arose in the family. I sent apologies and was really sad I couldn't make it as I was hoping to get some hints and tips. Hope everyone enjoyed and it was successful. Am hoping to catch up at one of your next events as we have friends over in Blackburn so hoping to enrol them as well !!

Maria | 1 year

Hi Helen, If there are no dates that are suitable just get in touch and I will add another event to a date that suits you and your friends in Blackburn ... bring them along with you .... Maria

Helen | 1 year

Great thanks Maria. That's brilliant ...speak soon

Lesley Howard | 1 year

Sounds lovely (though I will refrain from eating the chilli, peppers and any cheese!). I am one of the most awkward guests to have food wise! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Maria | 1 year

Hi Lesley, we are looking forward to meeting you all too, it will be nice to chat to other hosts and put out heads together to try and get more diners. Don't worry about being fussy, there is plenty on the menu and all the dishes can be made chilliless!

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