Sophie Brown
Food (4.9/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (4.9/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (4.9/5)
Contact (4.9/5)
Value (5/5)


Godalming, Surrey


17 recommendations


About Me

I'm in my 20s
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Fish, shellfish
I'd rather not eat: Offal, raw fish, fish, shellfish, oysters
I'd rather eat: Non processed
An enthusiastic cook who is trying to expand her recipe repertoire! I have a relaxed hosting style and love to share food, conversation and my Spotify playlists with dinner guests. I love Asian food - both cooking and eating! And am on a one woman quest to bake Britain's best brownie.

Not hosting any upcoming events

Not attending any upcoming events

Latest Reviews

Sally's Fabulous Food | 4 years

Venetian Cicchetti

Sophie is a fabulous guest!!

Ching-Yi Yang | 5 years

Chinese cooking class

Sophie is very friendly and a very quick learner.

Sarah Meurer | 5 years

The 'I hope you're hungry' Foodies Feast

Sophie is so down to earth and a lovely person. I really enjoy having her at my events.

Sarah Meurer | 5 years

Fabulous Five Course Steak Supper

We loved having sophie and her sister - they made getting to know them very easy

Maria | 5 years

WeFiFo Quarterly Meeting

It was an absolute pleasure and treat to be able to cook for Sophie, great company, great guest and an honour to cook for.

Roan | 5 years

International Women's Day One Pot Wonder

Sophie is lovely and her food is delicious. Would return any day!

Sarah | 5 years

International Women's Day One Pot Wonder

Sophie was an amazing host...she made me feel very welcome and her food was delicious! I had a lovely evening with great company...thank you Sophie.

Steph Dominey | 5 years

International Women's Day One Pot Wonder

Sophie was a fabulous host, really enjoyed the food, company and I had a great time :)

Julia Jepps | 5 years

Raclette Night

A friendly and informal evening in a cosy cottage hosted by Sophie. A charming hostess who made us very welcome. Very generous servings of food and a nice group of people to chat with. Thanks for an enjoyable night.

Priscilla | 5 years

Raclette Night

Sophie's food and welcome was perfect, fellow guests interesting and didn't make me feel too old. Thanks to everyone for a good evening with diverting conversation.

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