Latest Reviews for Sarah Corbridge

Amani’s Kitchen | 2 months

Friday Lunch Party

A delightful guest, welcome back anytime!

Amani’s Kitchen | 3 months

Middle Eastern Mezze - Vegetarian

Delightful company and a pleasure to host!

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 5 months

WeFiFoHoHo Christmas Cheers

Sarah is a lovely guest, she fab to talk with and helps to make everyone feel welcome!

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 8 months

Fundamentally Malaysian Banquet

Lovely company and great to have at the event

Maria | 10 months

Thursday night tea & The Great Perhaps

It was lovely to see Sarah and her husband David again, great company, great fun and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 1 year

Children's Picnic Adventure in the woods, dens, crafts and a bushtucker trial.

Sarah and David were a joy to be with and helped out all day at the event. Sarah organised the craft table, David helped out with the den building and organised setting up the assault course and blind fold activity. They both helped with lunch and stayed at the end to tidy up, thank you both so much x

Barbara | 1 week

May | Cook the Book!

Once again amazing food cooked by all the guests, everybody works hard to make certain a good day is enjoyed. Think Rick Steins Book Medittaranean Escapes was a winner. Taking a break now until September but it will soon pass

Barbara | 1 month

April | Cook the Book!

Had a super afternoon, interesting food and so enjoy the company and getting to know everybody. Ordered next month’s book already on Amazon

Hilary | 1 month

Foods of the American South

Great hosts who made every one feel welcome.

Anneke&Michael Kilgariff | 1 month

Christmas Feast @ Fence

We very much enjoyed the food, the variety, the colour, the taste, well done! Sarah is an excellent cook and David is a great hoste!

Michael Marks | 1 month

Foods of the American South guest and hosts.Will be back there real soon

Carol Heald | 2 months

Kindred Suppers Launch Party

Absolutely lovely evening to launch Kindred Suppers. Every dish was perfectly seasoned and made with tasty combinations of ingredients. We laughed and shared stories. Highly recommended

Susan Sharpe | 2 months

Kindred Suppers Launch Party

Very friendly and welcoming

Alan Ingram | 2 months

Kindred Suppers Launch Party

We had a great evening. The food was varied and tasty, and our hosts Sarah and David were friendly and welcoming.

Alan Ingram | 2 months

March | Cook the Book!

The food was just amazing and plentiful and our hosts were brilliant. Had a great afternoon!

Barbara | 2 months

March | Cook the Book!

Fab day, people and food. Looking forward to the next one

Mark | 2 months

La-la-lasagna Evening!

A lovely evening with loads of food, nice conversation and a relaxed atmosphere.

Diane Mawdsley | 2 months

Cook the Book!

So lovely to meet a lovely group of ladies all interested in cooking and all things foody. Looking forward to this new venture 😋

Maria | 2 months

Cook the Book!

Incredibly well organised, informative and such good fun - I was amazed at the scope of cookery books/food writers that people shared and that I had never heard of - I can't wait till March for our first cooking and sharing event.

Barbara | 2 months

Cook the Book!

Sarah hosted really well and talked us through everything plus baked a wonderful bara brith loaf. Maria hosted supper which was fabulous. Look forward to the Cook the Book days

Antonia Sotgiu | 2 months

Cook the Book!

Thank you Sarah and Maria for a lovely evening, I really enjoyed meeting everyone last night and look forward to cooking and tasting some new dishes at the "cook the book" event in a couple of weeks.

Adele Redman | 2 months

Cook the Book!

We really enjoyed the first Cook the Book. Sarah was a great host and so welcoming. Lovely to meet like minded foodies. Looking forward to the next meeting.

Barbara | 3 months

Winter Warmer Supper @Kindred Suppers

A difficult evening for our host as only 3 guests (1 of whom was my husband) but we like to talk !!! Apologies but I don’t understand the question re Contact from host, it was automated

Mark | 4 months

Dinner with the hosts @Kindred Suppers

Thank you Sarah and David for being the perfect hosts. This was my first event and felt very comfortable in your home. Great food , super value and interesting other guests. Looking forward to dining with you again very soon x

Susan Sharpe | 4 months

Dinner with the hosts @Kindred Suppers

Warm and friendly hosts

Stephen | 5 months

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

Great hosting, venue and food. Good communication before and a spacious and cosy setting. The food was good and more than good value. Really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to another!

Ruth Cardwell | 5 months

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

Sarah was very attentive and also explained what ingredients had gone into her dishes. She was excellent in every respect!

Nicola Bamber | 5 months

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

A fantastic night with great food and great company. Highly recommended

Petsan | 5 months

Polish Taster Menu

Another wonderful meal with Sarah. Superb Polish cuisine, the cabbage and bacon with the duck was beautiful. And the baked ricotta with egg white was almost like a souffle. Great company again as always with diverse topics of conversation, made for an entertaining evening.

Carol Heald | 5 months

Polish Taster Menu

Lovely home cooked Polish meal. Tasty and fresh flavours. A warm welcome from Sarah and David completed a great evening.

Petsan | 5 months

Thanksgiving Dinner

An absolutely wonderful meal together with the company. Sarah was a very excellent host who gave a great deal of background about the Thanksgiving tradition.

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 6 months

Thanksgiving Dinner

It was a really lovely evening and the food was fantastic value for money! Sarah and David made me feel at home straight away.

Lorna Read | 6 months

Thanksgiving Dinner

A really enjoyable evening with great hosting!

Mike loftus | 6 months

Thanksgiving Dinner

Beutiful food Great company Thank you for a fabulous night

Julie | 6 months

Thanksgiving Dinner


Anneke&Michael Kilgariff | 6 months

Mexican night

We really enjoyed the evening and the food. We booked again for the Christmas meal.

Julie | 7 months

Mexican night

Lovley people but felt needed to sit and talk to us little more.

Lorna Read | 7 months

Mexican night

Enjoyable evening.

Leah | 7 months

We-Fi-Fo Yum!

This was our first WEFIFO event. Sarah and David were very welcoming and the cake was yummy! Will be booking again very soon

Mike loftus | 7 months

Build Your Own Burger Evening

What a brilliant night,thank you

Susan Sharpe | 7 months

Build Your Own Burger Evening

Brilliant concept, fantastics host and great food, perfect combination.

Mikhail Matveev | 1 year


Sarah organised an amazing event with delicious food.