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About Me

I'm in my 70s
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Fatty food
I'd rather eat: Non processed
Love anything to do with food. Eat anything and no dislikes. Am happiest when I am travelling , cooking or eating. Spain is one of my favourite countries and although rusty do speak the language. Am a member of a Walking Group and love being outside. Kept horses for 30 yrs but now only ride other people’s. Am married, 3 children & 4 grandchildren. Live in Whalley

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Latest Reviews

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

November | Cook the Book!

Lovely guest for our event.

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

October | Cook the Book!

Thanks for your contribution to October Cook the Book! Lively and very exciting at our get togethers.

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

September | Cook the Book!

Great food and contributions from Barbara. The lamb was ace, thanks so much!

Maria | 5 years

Middle Eastern Mid Week Dinner

Always guaranteed to add a touch of glamour and sparkling conversation to any event - we LOVE Barbara x

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

May | Cook the Book!

A fabulous day filled with amazing food. Thank you Barbara for your chicken dish! We love having you and Graham as part of the group. See you soon. x

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