Latest Reviews for Barbara

Sarah Corbridge | 1 year

November | Cook the Book!

Lovely guest for our event.

Sarah Corbridge | 1 year

October | Cook the Book!

Thanks for your contribution to October Cook the Book! Lively and very exciting at our get togethers.

Sarah Corbridge | 1 year

September | Cook the Book!

Great food and contributions from Barbara. The lamb was ace, thanks so much!

Maria | 1 year

Middle Eastern Mid Week Dinner

Always guaranteed to add a touch of glamour and sparkling conversation to any event - we LOVE Barbara x

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

May | Cook the Book!

A fabulous day filled with amazing food. Thank you Barbara for your chicken dish! We love having you and Graham as part of the group. See you soon. x

Maria | 2 years

Breath of fresh air

Barbara and Graham are supper guests, chatty, entertaining and guaranteed to make the event fun.

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

April | Cook the Book!

Barbara made a beautiful salad to accompany our April Cook the Book event. Loved her enthusiasm for food and great having her as part of the group.

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

March | Cook the Book!

A big thank you to Barbara and her husband Graham for the use of their home for our event! Barbara made a Sicilian Parmigiana Di Zucchine dish and portobella mushrooms and peaches which were both fantastic. It was lovely to spend the day with her and the other guests, and look forward to what she makes next. Thank you for being part of Cook the Book!

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

Cook the Book!

We had a lovely evening with Barbara for Cook the Book. She has a definite passion for food and it was great to hear her share that with the other guests. Thanks for coming!

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

Winter Warmer Supper @Kindred Suppers

Lovely to meet Barbara and her husband Graham. We loved having them for dinner and learned so much from their travels! Would happily cook for again.

Maria | 2 years

Sunday Dinner for new WeFiFo Guests

If ever you see Barbara and her husband booked on an event take it from me you are going to have a great time.

Maria | 2 years

Cooking with Fish

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Barbara and her husband Graham, great guest, great company and a joy to be with.