Adele Redman
Food (3/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (2/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (3/5)
Contact (5/5)
Value (2/5)


Rossendale, Lancashire


2 recommendations


About Me

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I'm allergic to: Nothing

I'd rather eat: Non processed

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Latest Reviews

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

October | Cook the Book!

Thanks so much for your Nigella contribution. Lovely to have you for our group! :)

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

September | Cook the Book!

So glas to have you with us for Cook the Book. She even gave me a parting gift! Excellent company and guest.

Maria | 5 years

Valentines Day Feast at The Dog Inn

Great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

May | Cook the Book!

It was really lovely to have Adele with us for our bring and share! She made some really delicious dishes for us to sample (including a lush orange cake) and always love having her to accompany our group.

Sarah Corbridge | 5 years

March | Cook the Book!

Unfortunately Adele was unable to make the event due to snow!

Pamela | 7 years

Board Game Evening with Supper

I found Adele pleasant and accomadating and welcoming.

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