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I'm in my 70s
Dietary requirements

I'd rather not eat: Raw fish, offal, blue cheese, oysters, fish
I'd rather eat: Non gm, organic, ethically sourced food, non processed, fair trade

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 4 months

Tapas Night

It is difficult to write a review for people that have come so often they have become friends, Ian and Rose are wonderful and I would not hesitate to recommend them both as guests.

Maria | 5 months

River + Railway Walk with Afternoon Tea

Such a lovely afternoon spent sharing food, hope to see you again soon.

Maria | 7 months

Winter Salads

An absolute joy to have over to dinner, very friendly, thoughtful and great company.

Sarah Corbridge | 8 months

February2019 | Cook the Book!

Many thanks to Rose for opening up her home for us this evening! She was brilliant and a great enthusiast for good food.

Sarah Corbridge | 9 months

Cook the Book!

Lovely to have Rose with us! Inspired by her book choices. Ready to see what you cook for us.