Archie Clark
Food (4.8/5)
Vibe (4.6/5)
Contact (4.7/5)
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Tower Hamlets, London


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About Me

I'm in my 30s
I am happiest
when eating & cooking my way around India
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing

At The Kochi Kitchen we create modern Indian inspired dishes using the best local seasonal ingredients. Archie learnt to cook in Kerala, South India, in the most authentic way possible, with local people in local kitchens. He returned to London with an aim - to bring the best of British to life through South Indian flavours and techniques, and do it his own way! His dishes have gained recognition for their originality and creativity - “This is a truly innovative recipe from the talented Archie Clark, director of the fabulous Kochi Kitchen, which is currently taking London by storm with its authentic, vibrant dishes at supper clubs and bespoke events all over town.” Tim Maddams (River Cottage) Our food is creative, vibrant and full of big flavours and texture, and our events are always memorable. check out our instagram: the_kochi_kitchen

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Latest Reviews

Karen Brock | 4 years

The Knepp Wild Range Supper Club

A fantastic event, in a great location which had not only delicious food (wonderful pulled venison etc) but also a really interesting and educational back story. totally loved it. Many thanks to all.

Catherine Passmore | 4 years

The Knepp Wild Range Supper Club

Everything was splendid. The barn was attractive and warm. The food was interesting and delicious. The venison loin was superb. It was fascinating to learn something of the re-wilding project and I look forward to reading the book. Such interesting and lovely dinner companions. We felt lucky to be there. Thank you.

Vivienne | 4 years

The Knepp Wild Range Supper Club

Fascinating back story behind the food which was why I booked. Recommend anyone interested in consuming higher welfare meet looks at the story of Knepp in the 21st century: The Indian flavours twist, by the chef, on eating game, was superb but he also served a magnificent celeriac puree!

Francis Gimblett | 4 years

The Knepp Wild Range Supper Club

The evening was a rare blend of perfect food, enlightening hosts and a truly unique setting. An evening that will live long in the memory.

Tim Thompson | 4 years

The Knepp Wild Range Supper Club

Wonderful.. A setting completely in keeping with the spirit of tbe event, with food company and conversation to match.

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