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About Me

I'm in my 70s
I am happiest
when I'm reading my Kindle or listening to music. Never both at the same time.
Dietary requirements
I am: Vegan
I'm allergic to: Shellfish
I'd rather not eat: Marzipan, blue cheese, offal, tofu, pork, red meat, fish, raw fish, shellfish, fatty food
I'd rather eat: Halal meat, kosher food, non processed
I used to be a very keen photographer, and now only use my iPhone. Used to be a rabid carnivore / dairy fan, but a recent diagnosis (of metastatic cancer) forces me to pay more attention to the foods I eat. Turning to a whole-food, plant-based diet after experimenting with vegetarianism several periods during my life.

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 year

Vietnamese Picky Tea

Ian you are a superstar x

Maria | 1 year

Israeli Breakfast Brunch Banquet

I do love an Israeli breakfast. Thanks for your order.

Maria | 2 years

Greek Inspired Picky Tea

Hope the dreariness of lockdown was eased slightly for an hour and that you enjoyed your box.

Maria | 2 years

Vietnamese Picky Tea

Thanks for keeping me cooking and for driving over to Darwen to pick up the food x

Maria | 2 years

Indian Street Food Picky Tea

Thanks for booking a box to bring in your New Year, wishing you health, happiness and a better, much better 2021, Maria x

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