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About Me

I'm in my 70s
Dietary requirements

I'd rather not eat: Raw fish, shellfish, tofu, raw meat
I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food, kosher food, non gm, organic, non processed, fair trade, halal meat

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Not hosted any events

Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 week

Cheese and Onion Pie

I do like a cheese and onion pie and and a bread and butter pudding, it's not worth making when there's just me so thank you for coming along !

Maria | 1 month

Vegan Vietnamese Street Food Feast

I love Vietnamese food, it's one of my favourite cuisines so thanks for coming along and letting me play with ingredients, the mushroom satay was a winner, see you again soon!

Maria | 2 months

Ramen/Pho Noodle Nosh

Great guest, great company and a pleasure to share soup with!

Maria | 2 months

Pork Meatballs

Thanks for coming along and helping raise money for Muscular Dystrophy

Maria | 3 months

Winter Salads

As always great company and a joy to have over to dinner.