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Level 2 Hygiene Certificate
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Five Cupcakes

About Me

I'm in my 60s
Dietary requirements
I am: On a diet
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw fish, fatty food, oysters, red meat, blue cheese, offal, raw meat
I'd rather eat: Low fat, non processed
I am a mum from Malaysia. I love to cook and share my food. My cuisine is Malaysian Penang Nyonya food. The food that I cook are reminiscence of my days in Penang. Whilst I am here, I do try out British and Western cooking as well. I try to make my food healthy. But Nyonya food can be full of calories, but I do try, trust me. The food that I share are my family food. So it is home-cooked and cooked with love. Malaysian food is served all together, and everyone help themselves. Just be mindful that everyone has a chance to savour the dishes. I was a winner of the Co-op Community Cooks competition in 2015. For You tube , please copy and paste the url on your search engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC2GvcoVvzM I m a volunteer for the Leicestershire LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE initiative. I have NOW been awarded the Level 2 Certificate in FOOD SAFETY IN CATERING You can check out my blog for more info about my food, travel, and generally what I am up to . https://www.nyonyarecipe.com

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Latest Reviews

Loretta Lee | 1 year

Boxing Day Christmas Dinner

Friendly and fun to be with.

Cat Dutton | 1 year

Get Together @ Kitchenorium

Wonderful to meet a fellow host - always lots to talk about :-)

Caryn | 8 months

Penang Nyonya Lorbak Dinner

The food was wonderful, from preparation to presentation. 5 star service by Loretta and Hugh. Kudos to the hosts!

Caryn | 11 months

Afternoon Tea for Wefifo Newbies

Loretta as always, was very warm and chatty, making Rose and I feel welcome. Tasty and piquant food adds bonus to the event.

Tracy Underwood | 1 year

Time Out For Carers

Loretta is as welcoming as ever. And very informative about her food

Pauline Percival | 1 year

Time Out For Carers

We were a special group of people who all knew each other so for me it was very enjoyable and I would meet again with these people

Rachael Billington | 1 year

Time Out For Carers

Lovely very interesting explained all about the food we were eating and what things were made of. Everything was brilliant .