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Level 2 Hygiene Certificate
Hosted First Event
Five Cupcakes

About Me

I'm in my 60s
Dietary requirements
I am: On a diet
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Blue cheese, raw fish, fatty food, offal, oysters, red meat, raw meat
I'd rather eat: Non processed, low fat
I am a mum from Malaysia. I love to cook and share my food. My cuisine is Malaysian Penang Nyonya food. The food that I cook are reminiscence of my days in Penang. Whilst I am here, I do try out British and Western cooking as well. I try to make my food healthy. But Nyonya food can be full of calories, but I do try, trust me. The food that I share are my family food. So it is home-cooked and cooked with love. Malaysian food is served all together, and everyone help themselves. Just be mindful that everyone has a chance to savour the dishes. I was a winner of the Co-op Community Cooks competition in 2015. For You tube , please copy and paste the url on your search engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC2GvcoVvzM I m a volunteer for the Leicestershire LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE initiative. I have NOW been awarded the Level 2 Certificate in FOOD SAFETY IN CATERING You can check out my blog for more info about my food, travel, and generally what I am up to . https://www.nyonyarecipe.com

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Latest Reviews

Loretta Lee | 6 years

Boxing Day Christmas Dinner

Friendly and fun to be with.

Kitchenorium | 6 years

Get Together @ Kitchenorium

Wonderful to meet a fellow host - always lots to talk about :-)

Jill Tounsend | 4 years

Penang Nyonya Lorbak Dinner

This was our first supper with WeFiFo and Loretta made us very welcome. We were a group of three friends. Loretta cooked a delicious three course Malaysian meal and taught us the correct way to use chopsticks for the noodles. The main course was Lorbak; a pork dish and family favourite that Loretta had learned to cook as a child with her mother. Loretta joined us at the table and told us many stories about food and life in Malaysia. She is a witty host and a first class cook. In summary- a super evening, well worth the money, making new friends over superb food.

Caryn | 4 years

Penang Nyonya Lorbak Dinner

The food was wonderful, from preparation to presentation. 5 star service by Loretta and Hugh. Kudos to the hosts!

Caryn | 4 years

Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner

Dan, uncle Jim, Paul and I had a jolly good time. Enjoyed the tasty food. Loretta and Hugh were great hosts as usual. Uncle Jim flew all the way from Ireland to attend the event when I told him what an excellent cook Loretta is. Paul was also intrigued by my description of Loretta's cooking skills. They both agreed with me after tasting the food. It was both Paul and uncle Jim's first WEFIFO experience and it turned out so well for them. Dan the 'regular' said he is never tired of Loretta's dishes. We were joined by a very friendly, down-to-earth couple, Ash and Julie that added merriment to the atmosphere.

Ash | 4 years

Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner

This was our first event and the Host made us most welcome (we were a bit early at their house) and the other 4 guests (that we did not know at all) were a good bunch as we had Great food and good conversation at the table. There was plenty of food and the Soup was Superb (best ever) and the Desert idea was novel and tasty.

Caryn | 5 years

Afternoon Tea for Wefifo Newbies

Loretta as always, was very warm and chatty, making Rose and I feel welcome. Tasty and piquant food adds bonus to the event.

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