Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner

7:00pm Fri 27th Oct 2017

Leicester, United Kingdom

£16  per person

Loretta Lee
I am happiest eating mediterranean food at a kitchen table while gardening. more about this host

Small talk

Denise Close | 6 years

Hi Loretta. My name is Denise (Den) and my partner is David. We live not too far from you and are quite interested in your evening. David however, is ALLERGIC to garlic, consequently, I am wondering if this will be a problem for you. Thanks - Denise

Loretta Lee | 6 years

Hi Denise, Thanks for the enquiry. I do use garlic a lot. However, I can omit that in the chili sauce.( Hainanese Chicken rice dinner). I can use shallot for my vegetables. May I ask if the allergy is a serious one like nut allergy? I do cook with garlic in my kitchen, so I am not sure if this is ok. Please let me know and I will inform you what I can do further in this matter. Cheers, Loretta

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