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Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw meat, marzipan
I'd rather eat: Non processed
Originally from Malaysia, currently living in the United Kingdom. The English architecture was what attracted me to this country. Love trying out different cuisines. I draw a line to eating insects though :P I love to cook and bake in my spare time.

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Latest Reviews

Loretta Lee | 5 years

Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner

Caryn as usual, always come bearing gifts. Caryn got along very well with all the guests. She enjoys the food, and had a really enjoyable time with the other guests. As a fellow Malaysian, she is the barometer of my cooking. And I am glad I get it right most of the time. She is a wonderful guest to have around.

Loretta Lee | 6 years

Afternoon Tea for Wefifo Newbies

Caryn is a great guest. We enjoyed our ccompany. She is a regular and we have become friends.

Loretta Lee | 6 years

Mid-Autumn Festival - Moon Cake Festival

As usual, Caryn and I have now become good friends due to Wefifo. She is friendly and supportive and helpful and got along well with the other guests. All the guests had a good time.

Loretta Lee | 6 years

A Very Veggie Chinese Meal

Caryn is pleasure to be with. She is friendly and chatty and we had a good laugh.

Loretta Lee | 7 years

Malaysian Chinese Home Dinner

Came with a bouquet of flowers. Very friendly. Got on well with other guests.Great company, great conversation

call me dave | 5 years

Oriental inspired

The host, Caryn, made me and my wife feel really welcome. It didn't take long from the initial friendly greeting to feel like old friends. The impressive menu was what attracted us to this host. We were not disappointed. The food was served buffet style. There was more than enough food to have a second helping. The food was served hot with the steam scenting the air. If we could manage a third helping we would have. The food was truly delicious. We were very impressed with this host and could not believe it was her first time as a host. We left with full stomachs and smiles on our faces. We recommend this host.

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