Cabrito Goat Meat
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I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing

I'd rather eat: Fair trade, ethically sourced food, non processed
Hi. I'm James, owner of Cabrito Goat Meat. I was a professional chef in London for 12 years. In 2011, I moved home to Devon to take a job at River Cottage and through a series of co-incidences, luck and some entrepreneurial spirit my girlfriend and I started Cabrito Goat Meat. We sell male kids taken from the British dairy industry. These goats were previously a wasted resource, as in an overwhelming number of cases, these animals were euthanised at birth. We now sell to restaurants and catering butchers nationwide. We also do the occasional event...

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Latest Reviews

Isabel Brooks | 5 years

James Whetlor and Gill Meller

Altogether Fabulous !

Natalie Waterworth | 5 years

James Whetlor and Gill Meller

Evening was great - food was fantastic. I want more of that smoked goat! :)

Anna Lawrence | 5 years

James Whetlor and Gill Meller

We had a great time at flour and ash. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the food was exquisite. Would definitely recommend it.

Gemma Screen | 5 years

James Whetlor and Gill Meller

This was such a great evening. Beautifully cooked, interesting food, a fabulous venue with excellent service and hosts taking the time to make every diner feel welcome - I loved it

Shirley Knights | 5 years

WeFiFo at Waitrose with James Whetlor

The food was fine. Not exceptional. The evening could have benefited from some canapes to go with the fizz. The starter needed to have some bread with it but was only served once a few of us asked. Who was my host? Waitrose or the chef? The chef appeared for half a minute to tell us what the menu was. We had that written down in front of us so..... It would have been nice if he'd appeared after dessert which incidentally was the best part of the meal.

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