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I'm in my 60s
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I am a cook for a living. I have my own catering business in and around Haslemere, Surrey. I was born and grew up in Indonesia then lived in Italy, so the cuisines of these two countries are the biggest influence on my cooking. In recent years I’ve discovered Middle-Eastern cuisine. And Spanish. And Thai. And… well let’s just say I cook with ingredients that like sunshine, for people that like flavour!

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Indonesian Supper Club

“GREAT FOOD” We had problems locating the location as it is a private house in the “middle of nowhere”. Having found the house, we were warmly greeted by the hostess Ina. Her husband and daughter. We were served with a small glass of mango, lime & prosecco Bellini. This was followed by finger food. There were 14 “guest” at this supper party. On the dinner tables were lamb & tempeh as well as sticky rice cakes. There was a peanut sauce to accompany the satay. We then had the ‘mains’. Baked catfish, chicken coconut milk curry; aubergine baked with tomato & chilli sauce. All of this was accompanied with basmati rice. To finish, we had a liquid drink with coconut milk, jack fruit & tapioca noodles. All the food was well presented and tasted wonderful. I would eat any of the items again except the aubergine baked with tomato & chilli sauce. The hostess was very friendly and we would surely want to drive the one hundred and ten miles return trip in order to eat Ina’s food.

Tubagus | 1 month

Indonesian Supper Club

We travelled far this and it's well worth the journey and had an absolute wonderful time, friendly host & catered all of our need while we're there. The food is just another level of deliciousness.

AliM | 1 month

Indonesian Supper Club

It’s always a pleasure to eat food prepared by Ina and the Tanemerah team - last night no exception - a totally delightful, amazing treat 💕

Annie | 1 month

Indonesian Supper Club

Delicious food (and so much), brilliantly presented, lovely hosts

Christine | 1 month

Indonesian Supper Club

Our host was fabulous. We had the most lovely time and Ina and her family looked after us so well. By the end of the evening, it felt like we have known her forever. Thank you Ina for making us so welcome.