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Bringing people together with great food.
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Gregg was born in Peckham, South East London, where he first watched Millwall and remains a Millwall supporter to this day. He began his career in Covent Garden Fruit and Veg Market. In 1989 he started George Allan’s Greengrocers, a company that built up to an eventual turnover of £7.5 million. Based on his business success, Gregg went on to become and remains a well known TV presenter, writer, author and producer.

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Latest Reviews

Kimberley | 4 years

Gregg Wallace at Architectural Plants

Had an amazing evening!

Jilly McCord | 4 years

Gregg Wallace with Gary Maclean

The whole evening was great - with a really relaxed and convivial atmosphere. The food was first rate and every course produced by Gary and his team was beautifully presented and a real taste sensation. I am so excited to attend future events and also to host some of my own.

Sally Keohane | 4 years

Gregg Wallace with Gary Maclean

Fabulous event.

Peter McVerry | 4 years

Gregg Wallace with Gary Maclean

We had a great time and would definitely be back

Janice Glegg | 4 years

Gregg Wallace at Architectural Plants

It was a really fun evening, and it was lovely to meet everyone as all were friendly and fun. Greg was excellent, as you would imagine, and a considerate host. Thought he was lovely. Thank you all for organising such a smooth and enjoyable event. The only thing I would say is that as I had to play "mum" with dishing up the salmon for the other 11 diners , I discovered that there was not much left for me by the time I had finished, I ended up with half a potatoe and 1 asparagus stem from the salad - but as the atmosphere was so good, I wasn't too disappointed.

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