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Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

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Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry

I'd rather not eat: Fatty food, offal, pork
I'd rather eat: Kosher food, halal meat, non processed, fair trade, ethically sourced food, organic

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Latest Reviews

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

We-Fi-Fo Yum!

Lucy and her two guests did not show; however, she did notify me before the event she had to cancel.

Maria | 6 years

Sunday Dinner Celebrating National British Beef Week

Lucy always makes a big effort to include everyone, speak to everyone and is good company.

Maria | 6 years

Mother's Day Sunday Dinner

Always great to see Lucy and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 6 years

Mother's Day Sunday Dinner

Good company and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 7 years

Dinner@marias Friday 20th May

Lucy very kindly brought me a bottle of wine to say thank you. Incredibly inclusive, interesting and vibrant. Lucy was lovely her partner wasn't!

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