Latest Reviews for Antonia Sotgiu

Maria | 4 months

Cooking through Ottolenghi

I do love a bit of Ottolenghi, that, your company and sharing food is a great combination.

Maria | 8 months

Cookery Book - Book Club

Thanks for hosting x

Louise Ashworth | 8 months

Mauritian dinner

Lovely guest has a really interest in Mauritian cuisine

Sarah Corbridge | 1 year

March | Cook the Book!

Antonia made a delicious salad for us all to sample and I thoroughly enjoyed her company! I am very pleased to have her as part of our group and look forward to what she makes next.

Sarah Corbridge | 1 year

September | Cook the Book!

Lovely guest and so glad she could come! We had a great lunch. :)

Maria | 2 years

Tapas Night

Great guest and a pleasure to cook for.

Sarah Corbridge | 2 years

Cook the Book!

It was an absolute pleasure to host Antonia for our Cook the Book evening. We had some really insightful conversations about cooking and life in general. So glad you came, and hope to see you again soon!

Maria | 2 years

Ladies Wot Lunch

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Antonia and have her over for lunch. Great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.