Polish Taster Menu

7:00pm Thu 22nd Feb 2018

Burnley, United Kingdom

£12  per person

Sarah Corbridge
I am happiest eating italian food in the garden while reading a book. more about this host

Small talk

Carol Heald | 6 years

Maria has a dinner on the same evening which I’ve already booked. Sorry I won’t be able to make this. Carol x

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

Hi Carol, sorry to hear that! Would love to have you again soon. What date is better for you?

Carol Heald | 6 years

Hey- only just seen this. The messaging notification is a bit sporadic! Don’t change it just for me but if you don’t get any interest let me know x

Sarah Corbridge | 6 years

Just so you're aware I have changed the date on this. ?

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