Latest Reviews for Niraj's Kitchen

Maria | 8 months

A World of Spice

I love people who love food - it's a shared joy! Great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 5 months

5 Course Indian Feast

Last night I was incredible privileged to be able to experience Niraj and Leena’s 5 course tasting menu at the supperclub that they run in their lovely home in Dudley. I went along alone and The minute I walked through the door I was made to feel welcomed, and “at home” not only by them but by the other guests that arrived for the evening’s banquet. We started the meal off with nibbles of assorted poppadoms served with a trio of home made dipping sauces, it took all my will power to not polish off the lot but the aroma from the kitchen told me that the best was yet to come and reminded me to save some room. I was lucky in that Niraj allowed me to have a bit of both the starters which was a beautifully presented deboned chicken wing and the vegetarian Manchurian balls which were an utter delight to eat. Some of the other guests had dined with Niraj and Leena before and the excitement of anticipation on their faces whilst they talked about the soon to be presented 5, yes FIVE curries was mesmerising and they were not wrong. The Karai Ghost (a lamb curry) was by far the best I have ever tasted, the Murgh Makhani (Butter chicken to you and I) was immense with layers of flavours I have never experienced in curry before, the Ringan No Oro (a Gujurati aubergine curry) was just mind blowing and who knew that chickpeas and spinach two uninspiring vegetables could be lifted by Niraj’s spice skills to a whole new universe – that man (and his wife and mum Geeta seriously knows how to cook). As if that wasn’t enough he rustled up three different types of home made naan right before my very eyes and gave us all an impromptu naan cookery class sharing his tips and advice at no extra charge! We were having such a great time, all the other guests were great company and if someone had walked through the door 20 minutes into the meal they would never had guessed that only an hour ago we were all strangers invited into Niraj’s home for the first time ever! Eating this fantastic food around such a convivial table made the night fly by and before I knew it, it was 10pm, I was going to leave before pudding was served but I was advised strongly not to …. A warm, perfectly oozing, chocolate ginger fondant with chantilly cream and a raspberry coulis was placed perfectly before be and as if that wasn’t enough it came with a spun sugar casing and a sweet, silky cardamom ice cream. Niraj's take inspiration from his mum Geeta, his Grandmother and the meals that he has shared with family that have now become part of his story. Niraj, if you ever write a cookery book put me down for at least 12 copies (signed of course!), If you live within an hour of Dudley do not miss the opportunity of eating with this inspirational home chef – he will be a legend and don’t forget where you heard about him first!

Kathy McAteer | 9 months

5 Course Indian Feast

Delicious meal, presented beautifully in a relaxed atmosphere. Would highly recommend this.

Kitchenorium | 1 year

5 Course Indian Feast

Niraj and his wife Leena were brilliant, and so professional. They take the greatest of care in their presentation of all aspects of their supper club. The food was spicy and packed with flavour. The trio of dipping sauces for the popadoms got things off to a great start. The starter was crunchy and delicious with the most amazingly tangy sauce. For the main course we helped ourselves to the selection of four main dishes and accompaniments of rice and three flavours of naan bread – we were stuffed! Then, to top it all off a rich and goey chocolate and ginger fondant, and a lovely cup of coffee. Amazing ?

Caron | 1 year

5 Course Indian Feast

Lovely people who shared their home and delicious home cooked food. Thank you!

Erhan Handani | 1 year

5 Course Indian Feast

Very friendly, very professional, great host. Food was excellent. We must admit, was looking for imperfection, could not find any. Best Indian meal we had. Keep up the good work Niraj. You have defiantly raised the bar for pop up restaurants and home cooks.

Jon Stefani | 1 year

5 Course Indian Feast

Stupendous food, great company a truly memorable meal. Superb!