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About Me

I'm in my 30s
Dietary requirements
I am: Vegan
I'm allergic to: Milk
I'd rather not eat: Pork, offal, red meat, fish, fatty food, marzipan, shellfish, raw fish, anchovies, raw meat, blue cheese, oysters
I'd rather eat: Non gm, fair trade, non processed, organic, ethically sourced food

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 year

Vegetarian Feast

Great guest, great company and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 1 year

Vegan Feast

It is always exciting to meet new WeFiFoers and meeting people is really one of the reasons we do this. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Emeliaa, great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 1 year

The Road to Mexico via Darwen!!

It was really nice to see Emmelia and was great that she brought her husband along too.