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Maria | 2 years

Easter Cookalong bag with Cuckoo Gin

Once again thank you. Hope you enjoyed the food and the gin and the sunshine.

Maria | 2 years

Cook at Home Shawarma

Thanks for your order, I had the shawarma for my tea, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Maria | 3 years

Indian Street Food Picky Tea

Thanks for booking a box to bring in your New Year, wishing you health, happiness and a better, much better 2021, Maria x

Maria | 3 years

Vietnamese Picky Tea

Thank for coming over to Darwen to pick up your takeaway tea it is very much appreciated. Hope the flavours of Vietnam danced on your taste buds and whisked you away even it it was with your eyes closed and for just a few minutes ... one day soon we will be able to eat together again x

Maria | 3 years

Ethiopian takeaway with Lentils

Well, that was a bit different - hope it wasn't too hot for you. Thanks for coming along, cooking is keeping me sane!

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