Sheila Grange
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Chorley, Lancashire

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Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw fish, shellfish, red meat, raw meat, oysters, fatty food, offal
I'd rather eat: Low fat, fair trade, non processed

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 7 years

Sunday Dinner Celebrating National British Beef Week

It is always lovely to see Sheila, good company, great sense of humour and a fab guest.

Maria | 7 years

Afternoon Tea - Hats Compulsory!

Always a pleasure to cook for and a great guest. Sheila is a regular now at dinner and is in danger of being roped into doing the washing up!

Maria | 7 years

British Red Cross Foodie Fest

Sheila brought Polly, a dog tgat she is currebtky fostering who stole everyone's hearts.

Maria | 7 years

Dinner@marias - Tapas Night

Sheila's second visit, good company and got on well with all the other guests.

Helen | 7 years

Sunday Lunch

Sheila and her sister were brilliant company. We had a great afternoon and the time went so quickly. Lovely chat and laughter and looking forward to meeting Sheila again at more wefifo events

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