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Manners (5/5)
Vibe (5/5)
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Contact (5/5)
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About Me

I'm in my 30s
I am happiest
in the sunshine with great food, great friends and champagne
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Tofu, oysters, offal
I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food, non processed, fair trade, non gm

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 3 years

Eat and Tweet with #FDNWH

Absolutely brilliant, great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.

Frances Butler | 3 years

Summer Dessert Menu Tasting

A really enjoyable event. Thank you

Jo | 3 years

Summer Dessert Menu Tasting

Wonderful night, scrummy desserts, highly recommend

Kate Proctor | 3 years

Summer Dessert Menu Tasting

Fantastic evening, wonderful host who was very knowledgable and shared some of her expertise with the guests. Food was incredible

Anthony | 3 years

Summer Dessert Menu Tasting

Very friendly and explained everything about the desserts .. excellent all round

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