Lawrence Gomez
Food (4.9/5)
Vibe (4.8/5)
Contact (4.8/5)
Value (5/5)


Brent, London


10 recommendations


About Me

I'm in my 30s
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry

I'd rather not eat: Raw fish, oysters, raw meat, tofu

Lawrence developed his passion for food when he was just a boy. He loved learning from his mum, who was also passionate about food, and watching cookery shows. He was amazed at how food could be transformed from raw ingredients into stunning creations. Inspired by his mum’s love for cooking and seeing how something can be created from nothing, he decided as a teenager that he wanted to be a chef too. He wanted to develop his own food concept and flavours, creating something that would appeal to all, drawing on inspiration from his African heritage and giving it a modern twist. He started out as a kitchen hand at the iconic Ivy restaurant in London’s Covent Garden, where he spent the next 10 years training and working his way up to head chef of the private dining room. After the Ivy, he worked at another top London restaurant, Sexy Fish for 18 months. During his time at these top London establishments, Lawrence developed his own marinades, using exotic herbs and spices, and experimented with using them on different foods. His passion for his own food creations grew and grew as he did more cooking for family and friends, so he decided to follow his dreams and launch PAPA L’s.

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Latest Reviews

Andrea Ilaka | 10 months

PAPA L's KITCHEN "Seafood Tasting Menu"

What an amazing event. the food was fab and so was the chef

Farah Dan | 10 months

PAPA L's KITCHEN "Seafood Tasting Menu"

Lawrence was a great host. It was a strange venue in that it had a very night club feel which didn't do much for being able to talk to people. Food was great... good luck Lawrence with your foodie ventures!

Peter Gomez | 10 months

PAPA L's KITCHEN "Seafood Tasting Menu"

So entered in to House Music playing in the background and a personal greeting from the Head Chef. The courses were lovely and came out in a timely manner each course at a time and by the 8th was feeling fully satisfied and got value. Good venue, good music and good people. Great day

Ronnie Murray | 10 months

PAPA L's KITCHEN "Seafood Tasting Menu"

Great night amazing food and timings were good. Portion sizes were spot on a plenty of food but we didn’t leave completely stuffed just nicely feed. Well done Lawrence will definitely be spreading the word.

Melissa | 11 months

PAPA L's KITCHEN "Seafood Tasting Menu"

It was a great event and the host was lovely. He introduced himself and the night and came round towards the end to meet and greet everyone and find out if they were enjoying the food.