Heather O'Neill
Manners (5/5)
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Spilsby, Lincolnshire


1 recommendation


About Me

I'm in my 60s
I am happiest
When seeing a pleasing smile on my guest faces when I serve them food
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing

I'd rather eat: Organic, ethically sourced food

Not hosting any upcoming events

Not attending any upcoming events

Not hosted any events

Latest Reviews

Jim & Odile Sutcliffe | 2 years

Secret Passage Supper Club

Heather was a wonderful guest , she communicated with us well and was interested in holding her own supperclub and as she runs her own airbnb she totally got the concept. We look forward to attending one of her supperclubs in the future and welcome her back anytime

Jim & Odile Sutcliffe | 2 years

Secret Passage Supper Club

Frank was a joy to have in our home , fun and chatty he got on well with everyone and really enjoyed and appreciated the efforts we had gone to. Frank is very welcome back to our supperclub anytime

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