Dorothy Shepherd
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Darwen, Lancashire


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About Me

I'm in my 70s
I am happiest
In good company with a glass of water and a glass of wine
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Shellfish, fatty food, raw meat, raw fish, oysters, offal, red meat
I'd rather eat: Non processed
I do not enjoy cooking and do very little of it but I love food and am very interested in nutrition. I eat a simple but very healthy diet. Like savoury more than sweet. Love homemade soup (daily) good bread. cheese, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables. I have nuts and seeds with my porridge or muesli or cereal. Plenty of fibre is important for me. Not keen on pastry. Food is a joy in my life. Hobbies choir. Dance, reading, embroidery, occasionally drawing and creative writing... Love nature and being outdoors.

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 3 years


Thank you for coming along for takeaway, your support is very much appreciated, I love that I can still share food even thought you're eating it without me!

Maria | 3 years


Thank you so much for helping me keep busy it is very much appreciated.

Maria | 5 years

Celebrating National Vegetarian Week

Great guest, great company and a pleasure to cook for.

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