Ruth Slavin
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Blackburn, Lancashire


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I'm in my 40s
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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 year

Israeli Breakfast Brunch Banquet

Thanks for coming along to breakfast, it's one of my very favourite events, I do love a good breakfast.

Maria | 1 year

Takeaway Indian Street Food

Thanks for coming along and picking up the food and apologies for the delay (oven door nightmares still wake me up in the night!)

Maria | 1 year

Breakfast in the woods

It was so lovely to see you both again, thanks for coming to breakfast and hope to share more food with you soon.

Maria | 1 year

Middle Eastern BBQFeast Outdoors!

Well that was a bit of an adventure. Thanks for braving the weather and coming along to share food, hope to see you again soon, Maria.

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