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I'm in my 50s
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Pop-Up Restaurants and Cooking lessons sharing my Persian culinary heritage, bursting with family recipes and rich conversation

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Latest Reviews

Beatrice Frei | 3 years

A Nowruz Dinner with Mandana

Absolutely wonderful. Relaxed and happy atmosphere, delightful people and the food so exciting and bursting with flavours. Thank you so much.

Max Oldfield | 3 years

A Nowruz Dinner with Mandana

A wonderful dinner. The rice was as light as I've ever had. Great tucker

Vivienne | 4 years

A Persian Summer Evening

Great evening, fantastic food and poetry-what could be better? Wonderfully authentic Persian food with poetry read by Mandana accompanying the meal. Lovely setting in Gilly's and Jed's Sussex home with interesting company including several Iranians making the most of food from their home. Going to have to try making that Persian rice dish.

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