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Amy Sharp | 1 year

Our gin tasting was held at Waitrose, Milngavie in the Community Room. The room was beautifully set up with a display of gins, mixers and herbs and spices to add to our drinks. We began the evening with a homemade gin martini made with Hestons Waitrose Lazy lemon Sherbet Gin, which was a good start to whet our taste buds. We then went on to try 4 different gins with different mixers and garnishes. They were Warner and Edwards elderflower gin, Daffy’s Small batch Scottish gin, Roku gin from Japan and Lone Wolf (Brewdogs gin). There were nibbles to accompany the gins which brought out the flavour of the various botanicals and we were encouraged by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts Brian and Craig to try out different combinations. This was a super evening and our tastes in gins were broadened by the opportunity to try out some varieties that are quite unusual.

helen white johnston | 10 months

In With The New!!! Wine Tasting

Another great wine club event. New wines to taste & give pause for thought. Great cheese & nibbles.

Cheryl | 11 months

In With The New!!! Wine Tasting

Brilliant night as always. Brian, Craig and Enzo were excellent hosts

Harriet | 11 months

In With The New!!! Wine Tasting

Great host, welcoming and friendly. Good choice of wines for the wine tasting, cheese and nibbles to go with it were good but not very substantial and could have done with more.

Chris | 11 months

In With The New!!! Wine Tasting

Excellent evening. Interesting and amusing introductions by Brian and Craig to each of the wines. The other guests were all very friendly. We enjoying being introduced to some new wines from all over the world which we probably would not have experimented with without the benefit of this tasting. Great fun. Thank you

Elizabeth Brooks | 11 months

In With The New!!! Wine Tasting