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About Me

I'm in my 40s
I am happiest
When I have around me people with good energy, enthusiastic and passionate about life
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Coriander, nothing
I'd rather not eat: Red meat, fatty food, pork, raw meat
I'd rather eat: Non processed, organic, non gm, low fat, fair trade

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Latest Reviews

Julie Elvin | 8 months

Spanish Tapas & Paellas Cookery Classes

Fantastic!We would definitely attend more classes in 2019. We had a brilliant evening. Ana was an amazing teacher and I have been telling all my friends about her classes!

Katie Spencer | 8 months

Spanish Tapas & Paellas Cookery Classes

Lovely evening. Ana’s food and teaching was excellent. The vibe was fun and Ana is an inspiring, warm and friendly host. I will definitely be attending more of Ana’s events.

Ann Rangecroft | 8 months

Spanish Tapas & Paellas Cookery Classes

Ana was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, personable, encouraging. I learnt a lot from her simple demonstrations and careful overseeing of us. The food was delicous and should be easy to produce at home. recipes will be provided. We had a welcoming drink of sangria on arrival and ate all the tapas made at the end.Incredible value. Ana had even laid a table for us in a seperate room to the kitchen. There was much laughter and the whole evening was a HUGE success. Thank you Ana! book me in for your next course!

Alice Bayfield | 8 months

Spanish Tapas & Paellas Cookery Classes

Ana was a fantastic host, so enigmatic and knowledgable about Spanish cookery and the history of each dish! We were greeted with Sangria and introduced each of the 7 of us attending. We were then taught every step of each dish and then shared all the DELICIOUS food together around a big table at the end. I would highly recommend the whole evening and will definitely be attending another one soon! Thanks Ana!

Sally Rangecroft | 8 months

Spanish Tapas & Paellas Cookery Classes

The event was fantastic, Ana was a great host, very friendly and we learnt a lot in regards to the tricks for good Spanish cooking. The food at the end was fantastic and it was a lovely event to be part of. I would happily do it again! Thanks :)