Latest Reviews for The Skip Garden

Monika Loposhynski | 9 months

Mabon: feast of Autumn's bounty

Everything was amazing, I spent a lovely evening in a friendly atmosphere, had some delicious food and drinks, even learned some new stuff and I will gladly come back for any other events provided by this host, looking forward to it :)

Austin | 1 year

Beltane: The Feast of Bright Fire

Beautiful venue, quirky hosting and event with delicious food :)

Steve P | 1 year

Halloween Herbal

This event was so well organised by some very friendly and sweet hosts. We started the night around a fire, outside, sipping on a cocktail. The dinner started in a nicely decorated room with one long table, beautifully set in the Halloween theme of the evening. This theme continued through the night with things to do such as mask making, necklace lacing and potato head carving. The food was mostly tasty and new to my pallet. There were no meat or dairy products in the meal, but it was still tasty and filling. I especially loved the bean main and the desserts. Many of the ingredients were locally sourced as well. Overall it was a fun night with great food, and great chat.

Felicity Roberts | 1 year

Halloween Herbal

The hosts at the Skip Garden are so friendly and the kitchen produces absolutely delicious food. The Halloween talk by historian Nell Aubrey was absolutely amazing! Please put it on again next year!

Freyja Olafsdottir | 1 year

Halloween Herbal

Brilliant Didn’t want the evening to end