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Omni is the passion project of George Matheou and Jess McGill, who both worked in the London street food team for a spell before taking on a residency of their own at The Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick. All this time most of the Omni work was left to Jess, George had started working in restaurants a few years before and at this time was working at Ottolenghi in Notting Hill before moving to NOPI in soho, his final and longest stint. Whilst working most stations and learning new techniques and being opened to new flavours, he had the space to experiment with many ideas that would make their way to the Omni menu. Since May, both Jess and George have been running Omni full-time, working during the week at Greenwich Market as well as their fully plant-based brunch at The Peckham Pelican every Sunday. Calling their style modern, international vegan, they take flavours and inspiration from around the world to create new and interesting flavour combinations, as well as stamping their own adaptation of traditional classics. Omni is a somewhat confusing name. For many it means omnivore, those who eat meat and vegetables, those who eat everything. They decided to call themselves Omni because instead of eating everything, they feed everyone. Aiming to bring people together to share a meal. They believe that whether or not you are vegan, whether you are Muslim, kosher, halal or whether you are omnivorous, for one meal they encourage everyone to sit down and share. For more details of their events, head over to their website,, where you can contact them for more info, or, alternatively you can follow their regularly updated instagram, @theomnicollective.

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Steve P | 1 year

Plant-based Spring supperclub

Nice low key night with great service and interesting food. They had a timing mixup, but the night still went on without an issue. Venue has various tables to sit at, so it felt more like a restaurant than a supper club, which was a fun change. Food consisted of various vegetable dishes which were steamed, boiled, grilled, etc. There was more than enough to fill us up and all were presented with nice menu cards which was a nice descriptive touch. Overall a nice night, despite the rocky start and over reliance on vegetables. I think some variation on the menu would have helped, but I felt good knowing that I had my five a day accomplished for the whole week ahead.