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Parts of the Car Wheel and Their Function with Pictures, Names and Diagram] - Cars has been able to take different forms shapes, sizes, and shapes through the decades. Certain parts of the auto are now obsolete, have expired or substituted by more modern models.

The wheels have been a well-loved part of the automotive. They create a rotary motion and are responsible of transporting the vehicle from one place to the next. Therefore wheels are an integral part of every vehicle.

The wheel is made up of many components which each play a distinct function in ensuring that it functions efficiently. Certain of these components can cause confusion and misunderstood. There are many elements of the wheel of a car.

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Wheel Parts on a Car

Hub, spokes and rim comprise the wheel. The area where the lateral surfaces of the lug bolts, the rotor and the seat of the axle meet. These are the different components of a car wheel:


The barrel is the part that is the car wheel between the face of the outboard and the inside rim edge. The purpose of the barrel is to create a surface that tires can be set up. Drop center is what affects the type of wheel used for mounting is the barrel's inner diameter. Drop centers are located close in front for front-wheel drive vehicles. However the car that has rear-wheel drive features drop centers that are close to the rear of the wheel. The flanges created by the sidewalls of the barrel prevent the tires from sliding as the vehicle is moving.

Bolt circle

The bolt pattern on wheels is commonly referred to in the form of the pitch circle size or the diameter. This is the circle the lug bolt created. It is determined by multiplying the number of bolts divided by the size of the fictional circle in which the lugs' center points make up. For example 54 bolt pattern of the size of "'" will have five lug bolt holes and a four-inch BCD. The cross-fitting of wheels designed for various car manufacturers can be difficult because bolt circles can vary widely between car and wheel makers.


The tire beads perform the main purpose of securely securing tires to outsides of wheels. In order to do this, wires' tension is used to push the rubber into the frame of the wheel. The wheel that transports energy also has beads. If the beads break they could transfer energy incorrectly and shake the entire car, particularly when it is speeding. Since they form an airtight seal to the wheel, and allow for the transfer of force while the car is moving, the beads are vital.

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Centre bore

The wheel is properly centered on the vehicle due to the machined aperture that is located in the middle of the wheel. The wheel should be hub-centric in order to reduce the chance of vibration. The space of use that extends over the axle and supports the car's weight is typically contained within the void. The replacement wheels can't be fitted when the diameter of the hub collar is larger than the diameter of the central bore. The wheel may be mounted in a similar manner if the bore of the center is larger than that of the hub's size however an unintended difference in diameter could be a challenge.

Center cap

The tires and rims of your car are protected from sunlight and dirt by top-quality car wheel caps. Wheel covers for cars are a fantastic purchase particularly for those who park their cars in public spaces. The spoke-filled center on the wheels is the place where the center cap is found. Center caps on a few models is removable. However, the majority of rims do not have detachable centers caps. Although a wheel may be operated in a rim without center caps, and perform as expected The center cap provides an rim a refined with a uniform look.


A wheel flange usually acts as a link that connects vehicles' wheels to their axle. They are locked mechanically to the spindle's edge or to the drive axle. They are also mounted placed on the wheels' sides to prevent the wheel from slipping. Car wheels are traditionally fitted with wheel flanges and lug nuts. The tire is able to remain connected to the wheel, even in harsh conditions as well as on rough surfaces due to the flanges located on both sides of the wheel.

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