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About Me

A bit about me
A food enthusiast, I enjoy cooking for my friends and family and meeting new people. So I decided to combine the two and teach you to cook an Indian meal from scratch. And have fun doing it :)
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw meat, raw fish
I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food
Through the years I have enjoyed having my friends over for meals and watching everyone’s surprise when I laid my table with the unexpected like beef and pork. I decided to bring my family’s meals to you. Our cuisine with beef and pork such an integral part of it; is largely unexplored. This is my attempt to introduce our cuisine to anyone willing to try it. To share and show you the way we’ve enjoyed our meals for generations from the humble pelly – spiced pork belly to the more exotic beef chilly fry and prawn pilaf. To share my grandma’s pork vindaloo and my mum’s green chicken. ? So come, learn to cook Indian meats, Indian puddings and everything else that isn't available at your regular curry shop from scratch. All with a generous dollop of fun mixed in with the possibility a new friend or two.

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