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Which Animals are Commonly Used for Emotional Support?

Emotional support animals are getting popular day by day as it is a requirement in today's world. Human beings crave emotional stability more than anything. But it is not just humans who have emotional attachments. A snuggle with your pet feels just as relaxing as hugging your loved one. There is a bond between animals manifested in their congregations, such as a lion pride, wolf pack, etc.

Many animals can be used as emotional support animals, not just dogs. From cats to birds to guinea pigs, the options are endless. At realesaletter, we know that everyone's emotional support needs are different, and that's why we can help you explore which animals are commonly used for emotional support. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect animal companion to provide you with the emotional support you need.

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Emotional Support Animals

These animals provided much-needed emotional support to their owners. They bond with them and help them in difficult times just with their presence. People suffering from anxiety and depression are recommended to own an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals support us emotionally and reduce our stress and other mental issues. Ranging from rats to dogs, many kinds of pets qualify as emotional support animals. The most common ones are cats and dogs along with a few additions. There's a difference between service animals and pets or emotional support animals. Service animals are trained to perform a certain task while emotional support animals are not trained; they just develop an attachment with their owner. The process of getting an emotional support animal demands you acquire an real esa letter from a certified health professional. If you are really in need of emotional support, then you will get one very easily.


Cat as an ESA

Cats and dogs are used for emotional support as they provide assistance and comfort. Being around them can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Cats bring around a soothing and pleasant environment. They can also provide entertainment to the owners. Cats behave in their way and stay calm and peaceful. They are clean, which is also beneficial for the owner as there is no need to worry about cleaning. Staying around a cat nourishes the feeling of love and compassion. Their little actions can cheer up the mood. Moreover, they tend to make stronger bonds with the owner, and as they get comfortable, they love to roam around and sleep next to the owner. This brings back the happiness that has been somewhere lost due to stress, depression, or any mental issue.

Dogs as ESA

Generally, dogs are believed to be faithful pets. An ESA dog can bond with you by reacting to things you say and making you want to keep it close to you forever. Having good company and cherishing the environment is a way to a better life which cats surely provide. PTSD, Depression, ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, autism, and many more mental disorders are growing day by day. These mental illnesses can be resolved by an emotional support animal and nothing can do the job better than a dog. Dogs can help their owner with every task. Dogs have high intellect, and they can detect your emotions and mood swings.

They come to soothe you by recognizing your mood. When you start caring for your dog, you develop life skills like time management, etc. You develop a love for your dog and do hard work to maintain and groom it. Having an ESA dog is really beneficial, and the dog indeed is the most common pet used as an ESA. Different dog breeds are used as ESA and retrievers and cuddle bugs are atop that list. Dogs are protective of their owners, so seeing a living creature protect you more than itself brings the happy hormones to dance inside you. Hence, dogs are major stress relievers.

Rabbits and Birds as ESA

Rabbits and birds can also be emotional support animals. Although they do not take up much space, rabbits and birds also require an emotional support animal letter for housing in order to keep them in your house. Birds sometimes start chirping as their role in communication. You talk to them and tell them all your problems, and they respond. Rabbits are pretty bunnies that are lovely and make their owners fall in love with them. Feeding them can make you happy, and hence an emotional bond is built that brings relief.

Horse as an ESA

Horses are trained at a high level and with much effort and it is easier to keep them in the backyard of your house. But not everyone can afford a horse and its maintenance expenses. It requires a large space, a lot of training, and expensive food for a horse to make your pet. Horses are playful and have a long life compared to other animals. The greater life expectancy of a horse proves to be a contributing factor in forming a close bond with it.

Hamster as an ESA

Hamsters are like these tiny little balls of fur. They can prove to be a great companion for you. With their calm personality and soothing presence, hamsters can really help a mentally disturbed person. Hamsters will just curl up on your lap like a baby to provide you with mental peace. The bright side is that these animals are inexpensive, independent, and can fit into a small space, unlike horses. Hamsters can rely on grains and seeds, so the tension of expensive food is also avoided.

Many people feel an unexplainable connection with animals such as parrots, horses, dogs, cats, etc. There can be no output without input. If animals can't speak, it doesn't mean they don't communicate. They communicate through emotions. That's why we feel a certain warmth and security when we are around them. This is the main reason behind having pets.



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